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The girl in this wedding dress......

Last night, whilst sipping on my favourite Yorkshire tea, i flicked through some google memories that came up automatically on my phone. I don't know why this particular group of pictures came up, but it did.

There it was....... May 24th 2016. Me standing in 'this dress' ... weeks before 'the big day'.

I sat with the picture and felt a surge of calmness sweep over my whole body.

The girl in this dress was a very different person.

I remember this moment, day, hour, second, very clearly ......

The girl that stood in this dress, glimpsed over at her mother who sat beaming in the corner of the bridal shop in a cosy chair and a cup of soothing tea in her hand. (Like mother like daughter - lol)

The girl in this dress smiled back to her mummy, tentatively at 1st, then caught her unconvincing expression and mimicked the beam back to her mother.

The girl in this dress’s sister stood behind her taking this picture as this girl turned and looked back at her reflection.

You see the girl in this dress was unsure, but was hopeful that the dress would help to reassure her. To reassure everything perhaps.

The girl in this dress didn’t know anything else but to please others even at the cost of her own happiness.

Surely that had to count right? If the girl in this dress just went ahead with it all, she could live happily ever after, and she could prove her gut feeling wrong.

You see girl in this dress had a plan, and if she just followed the plan, everything would iron out right?

The red flags were bound to disappear? Of course they would......... W-w-wouldn’t they?

The girl in this dress learnt a very hard painful lesson very shortly after she walked down the aisle in this dress.

The girl in this dress.......... is not the woman I am now.

Purple love 💜

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